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If five-year-olds ran the world… July 13, 2011

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Title of Article: I heard them say, love is the way
Author: Miss Night
Link: http: //missnightmutters.blogspot.com/2011/03/i-heard-them-say-love-is-way.html
WOW! I was COMPLETELY blown away by this article. This was an incredible article about a teacher who was not afraid to be adventurous with technology. She started a virtual exchange between her class and a partner class in Indonesia. Her project was called: Kindergarten Around the World and is an awesome way to help students “travel” and “explore the world”. They even used their imagination to create an imaginary friend who attends the partner school. They communicated with their friends in Indonesia through Twitter. After learning about the new place and their new friends, they were able to form relationships and learn about a new community. Through three short weeks, they were able to learn so many new things about maps, time differences, earth rotations, voting, animal facts, new animals, gender roles in the classroom, twitter, climates, school differences, temperatures, weather, and even new vocabulary. Many teachers spend months, maybe even years, trying to teach all of these concepts.
I am dying to incorporate this into my classroom next year. My biggest concern is how to get started and how to actually find a classroom across the country to partner with for the year. Because many of my students have never even left South Carolina, much less been across the world, this would be a great way to incorporate new learning and adventures into our school year. I need to be more like Miss Night and be less afraid of putting the time and effort into a project that has proved to be so rewarding for the students and the teacher.


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