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Mistakes are Opportunities Waiting to Happen July 24, 2011

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Title of Article: Hey – I’m not messing up – I’m learning!
Author: Vicki A. Davis
Link: http: //coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2011/01/hey-im-not-messing-up-im-learning.html
Mistakes are OKAY because we learn so much when we make a mistake. By making mistakes, students learn problem-solving techniques to help them fix their mistake. It is so important that we teach students to never give up after a mistake has been made, but instead to reflect on where they went wrong and how they can overcome it. We are all imperfect people; therefore we make mistakes very frequently. We can take theses mistakes and learn so much from them by reflecting on what caused the mistake, what we could have done differently, and what we would possibly do the next time. Vicki A. Davis made a very important point in her article when she said, “we don’t tolerate mistakes in anyone else but feel like we should have all the excuses in the world.” I also LOVED and great appreciated when she said that teaching is the greatest nobility of our time. Because we have been given this honor, we must be consistent with our actions and our attitudes. We should be remembered by the way we treat our students: our faith in them, our respect for them, and our commitment to them each day.  I want my students to feel these things every day that they are in my classroom. One of my favorite points in this article was Vicki’s statement that “We can’t do everything but we can do something.” We can be the difference in these children’s lives. We can teach them the joys of making mistakes and learning life lessons through them! I hope that I can carry this attitude into my classroom starting on day one!


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