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21st Century Education in Public Schools July 31, 2011

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This video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjJg9NfTXos , about 21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada was absolutely fascinating. The video beings by describing all of the things that are already obsolete or becoming obsolete: VCR, white out, film developing, payphones, blackboards, and CDs. I feel that this could be extremely alarming to some teachers who are avoiding the digital age era. It discuses how we already have second graders who can type 60 WPM, who use social media instead of e-mail, and who access textbooks through electronic tablets. If this is happening now, what will be the “norm” for digital age classrooms 10 years from now? The video addresses how, as teachers, we need to be constantly adapting to a changing world. We need to keep the pace with the students and keep our information relevant to their ever-changing interests. We need to be accessible to them 24/7. This shift to a technological classroom will only happen through a teacher’s dedication, innovation, and involvement.
I think the most remarkable part of this entire article is that there are already these super technologically advanced classes in public schools in New Brunswick, Canada. This means that we have an equal opportunity to transform our classrooms into these types of environments as well in Greenville, SC.
I think it would be unbelievable to have a classroom and/or school that are this advanced with technology. I know that our biggest concerns are lack of funding and lack of proper materials but there are many ways of getting around this. Truly dedicated and motivated students could set up accounts on donorschoose.org, writing grants, or even having one classroom per school that could be shared on a rotating schedule. Whether any of these work, I still think it’s a fascinating idea and cannot wait to see where our future takes us with technology!


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